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Enjoy long-term savings with a premium heat pump hot water system. Cash in on government rebates while they're available. Reduce your carbon emissions so you help the planet while helping your bank account. 

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Why A Heat Pump Hot Water System?

Cheaper to Run

Heat pump hot water systems use on average 40% as much as a conventional hot water system -hundreds of dollars per year in savings for the average Aussie family.  

Green Energy Compatible

Heat pump hot water systems are an ideal complement to a solar and/or battery powered home because they can be run on a timer so they can be more efficient during daylight hours.

Better for the Planet

Because you're using less energy to heat your family's hot water, you're doing your bit for sustainability, which means more resources for your kids, and their kids!

Government Rebates

Now is the best time to switch to a heat pump hot water system because of the various government rebates available. We can help you apply for these when we arrange your supply & install. 

Faster Reheat Rate

Because heat pump hot water systems depend on the ambient temperature, our warm Aussie climate means your hot water will reheat fast. No more running out of hot water! 

Easy to Install

Switching to a heat pump hot water system is easy because it can be connected to your existing plumbing, making installation a breeze for most homes. 

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